About Us

The Villani Law Group, PLLC, centrally located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is a diverse law firm whose attorneys pride themselves on providing exemplary service in their fields of concentration. As a small firm, we are able to focus our attention on our client’s needs without all the “pomp and circumstance” surrounding larger firms.

Through our more than 30 years of combined legal experience we have learned that the practice of law goes well beyond the giving of advice or drafting documents. As any profession, the key to an effective law firm is communication. Whether it involves our clients, colleagues, adversaries or a judge’s law clerk, we strive to maintain an open and interactive relationship. We listen to our clients. We return phone calls.

Our goal is to always resolve conflicts with a cost-effective cooperative problem-solving approach. We will do what is required to close the deal. However, when it becomes necessary to seek judicial intervention, as litigators, we will work tirelessly and zealously to protect your interests and obtain your objectives.

There is no secret to our success. At the inception of our careers, we learned through a “baptism by fire” approach and as a result have gained valuable hands-on experience in our respective fields of interest. Individually, we have worked in both public and private sector jobs, ranging from an art gallery director to a high school special education teacher. And as effective as we are on our own, it is collectively, as a team, where we prove to be at our best. It was our ability to seamlessly assess a situation and develop a course of action that led us to branch out as associates and create our own firm.

Through the years, many individuals and business have placed their trust in us because they know we will provide them with the attention and dedication that they deserve. It is the only way we know how to practice law.

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