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Many states ascribe different meaning to the same legal term. In New York, probate is the process in which a document is “proved” to the satisfaction of the court to be the will of a decedent.  The court will examine the will and grant authority to the executor to act on behalf of the estate during administration.

By working with a probate lawyer, you can work through numerous complex procedures while remaining apprised of the process. With more than 30 years of combined experience, the Brooklyn probate attorneys at The Villani Law Group, PLLC, can provide valuable insight into the challenges you face and the nature of the probate process. Whether you face estate litigation, contested wills or complex estate administration, our firm will be by your side from start to finish.

Queens Probate Court Attorney

We understand that the loss of a loved one is a highly emotional and difficult time in your life. It is our goal to remove as much of the burden from your shoulders as possible. We will guide you through the probate process providing legal advice and guidance at every turn. With our extensive experience and depth of understanding of the surrogate court, we will know immediately if there is a probate matter that could potentially disrupt the entire process. Look to our firm for legal assistance.

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